What is Jvider?

Jvider is GUI builder tool for Java™ Swing applications. With Jvider you can easily design and build graphical user interfaces for your Java™ applets and applications.

Why Jvider?

Jvider is fully visual GUI builder tool for Java™ Swing applications. This tool is platform independent and runs on all environments that support Java™ Virtual Machine (VM).

Jvider features:

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What are system requirements?

How to install Jvider?

download Jvider, extract archive to chosen directory.

What SWING components supports Jvider?

Jvider supports these components:

How do the Weight, Fill and Anchor toggles relate to each other?

Click here to download an example design that may help you to understand those toggles. You need to open it with Jvider, select OK button and play with Fill and Anchor toggles. Other buttons are there just to keep the cell of OK button expanded. Effect of Weight toggles you will see only when resizing Test window.