The story of how Jvider was born...

Back in the day 2002 I was working on a project to create a client database and registration system for dental clinic. The project was quite big - 5 development stages, over a year total. But the main thing was it had to have really complicated GUI screens.

My experience with building GUI's with Java was limited at the time. I have always used Swing layouts and coded manually. It worked well for small screens, but the higher the complexity of the screen the more difficult the task becomes. I started looking for tools to make my life easier.

My finding was that all the tools that I could get on the net fall into one of the categories:

Oh, I forgot to mention the tools that use absolute positioning. I ruled them out from the very beginning because ABSOLUTE POSITIONING IS BAD for many reasons.

Another thing I noticed about GUI builder tools is that they all try to do the impossible - to replace the need of coding the source code. The idea may seem beautiful for someone new in the field, but experienced programmer knows that it doesn't work this way and never will.

So, I don't need a tool that allows me to select the color of JButton because I know that I will still change it 10 times more later during the development process. And for me typing setBackground(new Color(...)) seems far easier then finding out where the hell it is or locating it in an endless list of properties most of which I will not use at all or use once or twice in my lifetime.

So, I put the guidelines for the tool I need. It should:

So that's how Jvider was born. Enjoy!

Truly Yours,
Linas Urbonas