User feedback

Dear jvider Support,

I just downloaded 1.7 thank you very much for your continued support of jvider I think it is a great product. <...> Keep up the great work.

David Abrames
Konica Minolta Business Solutions USA, Inc.

I have tried the tool to see if I like it and I must say that the graphical Interface is quite impressive. The best I've seen in Java sofar.
Kind regards,
Paul Dalebout

Dear sir,
<...> Thank you for making the JVider program, I was not able to make use of the GridbagLayout function of Java myself. <...> With kind regards,
Kees de Weerd

Jvider seems to work quickly and without a hitch.
I give you two thumbs up (plus a toe). Let me know if you guys have updates or info on other apps.
Mark K. Pumphrey, Major, U.S. Army (Retired)

Thanks for replying my email. I find Jvider to be easier to use than any other gui tool I have tried in order to develop a very small gui frontend to my database application.

That's great, Linas. I assume that JVider is your brainchild? If so, excellent work. We totally agree that this is the right level of functionality for a truly useful GUI tool to attempt to take on: just lay the things out, and we'll take care of customizing them. What we are doing is using it to lay out and name components in a Panel class, and then subclassing those and adding the logic which manipulates the components on the panel. It seems like a simple, but flexible, approach.
Ben && Tim

You have created a very outstanding piece of work! <...> With Jvider I now have my complete java development package:

Eclipse 2.1.1 for my IDE,
ObjectDB for my full JDO database (very tiny - only 300kb deployed)
and now Jvider for my GUI work!
Happiness is a great combination of tools.
Keep up the great work,
Harold Davey
Bedford, Texas